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Biscuit Run

June 1 - July 31, 2017
  1. Player will choose a character:
    Peter Pretzel
    Peter Pretzel
    Chloe Cookie
    Chloe Cookie
    Bobby Biscuit
    Bobby Biscuit
  2. Players can collect points by bouncing and running towards the peso coins. Each peso coin is equivalent to 1 point.
  3. Points will be deducted if player gets in contact with monsters:
    Gooey Greg
    Gooey Greg
    minus 1 point
    Furry Purple
    Furry Purple
    minus 5 points
    Slimy Sam
    Slimy Sam
    minus 10 points
  4. Game play is split into six (6) ascending levels:
    • Space
    • Park
    • City
    • Carnival
    • School
    • Supermarket
    Note: Players should reach the 100% progress bar of each level to proceed to the next. Their progress can be seen in the bar shown at the bottom of the game play.
  5. Falling through the gaps counts for an automatic GAME OVER. Player has to start at Level 1: Space again.
  6. Each player will come across power-ups during game play.

    1. Super Run Super Run Duration: 10 seconds. Eliminates gaps during the game.
    2. Double Up Double Up Duration: 5 seconds. Player can accumulate twice the number of points with each coin collected.
    3. Super Shield Super Shield Duration: 10 seconds. Player can come in contact with the monster without point deductions.
    4.  Biscuit Shooter Duration: 10 seconds. Player can shoot monsters to help them eliminate it from the game.

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    1. Super Magnet Super Magnet Duration: 5 seconds. Power-up can magnetize coins making it easier to collect.
    2. Super Life Super Life Player can get an extra life if power-up is collected (players can click "Play Again" without the 10-minute restriction).
  7. Each time a Biscuit Run game is finished, it will show:
    • Player's score with equivalent 3-star performance rating
  8. Leader boards will be shown at the end of the final level and show the Top 20 players and their scores.