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Cupcakes for a Better Future

Held last June and now on its 5th year, customers received a free animal lunch box for every three (3) cupcake packs purchased.

Fridays were made special by cupcakes and pencils. This was especially true last September 8 when Grade 1 students and teachers of Bagumbayan Elementary school received 10,000 pencils from Robinsons Supermarket. The school is just one of 120 public schools that received pencil donations from Robinsons Supermarket.

This was possible through the supermarket's annual "Cupcake Craze" promo. Held last June and now on its 5th year, customers received a free animal lunch box for every three (3) cupcake packs purchased. To make the promo more meaningful, a new component was also added this year. A pencil donation was made for every cupcake pack sold. This proved to be a huge success with 180,000 pencils distributed to different public schools nationwide. This was also supported by the following brands: Monde, Regent, Rebisco, Lemon Square and Jack 'n Jill.

"We hope that as the students use the pencils to write their lessons or to draw, they will also remember that they have the power to also write their own future.  And we hope they will write for a brighter and more meaningful future both for themselves and their families," said Ms. Lyn de Jesus, AVP for Fresh.

In line with Robinsons Supermarket's health and wellness commitment, education plays a critical role in empowering Filipinos to make better choices.  "We believe education is the great equalizer. We feel we have the responsibility to promote this in any or every way possible," confirms Jody Gadia, General Manager of Robinsons Supermarket.

Photo shows Bagumbayan Elementary School Principal Dr. Salve presenting a certificate of recognition to Robinsons Supermarket's AVP for Fresh, Ms. Lyn de Jesus and DMM for Fresh, Mr. Ardee Arieta

Photo shows : (L-R) Robinsons Supermarket executives present the certificate for the 10,000 pencil donation to Bagumbayan Elementary School principal Dr. Salve.

Students, teachers and Robinsons Supermarket representatives happily show-off their pencils. 10,000 pencils were donated to Bagumbayan Elementary School last September 8.

Robinsons Supermarket partners joined in the celebration with mascots and freebies for the Grade 1 students.

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