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One Love A Day 2019

Right Start Community Development Inc. is a non-stock and non-profit organization that Robinsons Supermarket partners up with annually for One Love A Day (OLAD). For this year, the OLAD event was held last November 22 at Right Start’s head office in San Juan city. This gathering, albeit small, hopefully leaves a positive imprint on these kids as they become socially-responsible members of society through the Right Start program.

Robinsons Supermarket volunteers alongside members from Toys R Us (TRU) and Robinsons Department (RDS) store each provided their own unique activity that not only is fun, but also fosters creativity and camaraderie between the community kids.

The event was kicked off by Right Start director, Sale Mallari, as she discussed what Right Start represents. In a nutshell, the organization provides creative caring spaces for children with disadvantaged backgrounds. The center is a 3rd space for the community kids which essentially means it is a home for learning and development outside their homes and schools. For years, the organization has helped develop different life skills in sports and art for hundreds of their community kids. Some of them even became champions in their own respective fields such as Table Tennis, ornament-making, and Taekwondo. The audience were even treated to a short Taekwondo exhibition during the event kick-off that showcased the students’ high-flying kicks and fighting choreography.

TRU had the kids play a competitive match of “Jingle Bell Toss” where the kids were able to show off their shooting stroke. Each team took turns shooting jingle bells in cups wherein the first team to get a ball in every cup wins. The most scrumptious and mouth-watering game belongs to RDS where they had the kids decorate their own mamon. Using a little bit of frosting and a whole lot of imagination, they were able to churn out some amazing mamon art. Lastly, Robinsons Supermarket got their creative juices flowing with the classic nursery activity, okra painting but with a twist. Since it is the season of Christmas, the kids made holiday-themed paintings and designs to commemorate the holiday season. All business units from Robinsons Retail did their best to provide activities that not only is fun, but also reflects Right Start values such as kindness, cooperation, creativity, and faithful stewardship.

The OLAD event has always been held during the Christmas season, but Robinsons Supermarket and other business always units lend a helping hand to Right Start all year long. Both organizations believe in the importance of youth character development since they are the future of the country. Robinsons Supermarket will continue to support Right Start and other organizations that put the needs of the less fortunate sector ahead of anything else for many years to come.

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