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Robinsons Supermarket celebrates Waking Up to Wellness!

The three-day weekend festival was held at Robinsons Place Antipolo last September 28-30

Preparing a healthy breakfast has never been more fun and exciting than at Robinsons Supermarket’s Wake Up to Wellness Festival. Breakfast pumps up our bodies and prepares us for a full day. Many tend to skip this all-important first meal of the day and without its much-needed fuel, our energy can easily get drained and make us more prone to sluggishness or overeating throughout the day—never a good habit for our health and wellbeing. That’s why Robinsons Supermarket wants to encourage everyone to Wake Up to Wellness and start the day right with a great breakfast.


During the three-day weekend festivities at Robinsons Place Antipolo last September 28-30, folks discovered new breakfast products and learned creative and nutritious ways to whip up their day-starters. Game booths and kitchen setups were abuzz with activity as parents, kids, and plain old breakfast-lovers played around creating their dream breakfast spreads with a variety of oats, cereals, milk, dried fruits, syrups, and nuts; those who love to indulge in that essential morning beverage got to experiment concocting their own blends, with choices of coffee, tea, chocolate drinks, and more.


Little ones delighted in creating their own fun-cakes, turning mini pancakes into bite-sized breakfast treats with a spread of sliced fruits, jams, and syrups—a cute breakfast activity parents can surely recreate at home for easier kiddie meals and added bonding-time in the morning, especially on weekends.


“With our Wake Up to Wellness Breakfast Festival, we hope to encourage families, especially moms and kids, to not miss out on preparing healthy, filling morning food every day,” said Mai Magleo, Robinsons Supermarket AVP for Food. “By giving them ideas on what food to prepare and what ingredients to use, we hope to make family breakfasts more complete, delightful, and healthy.”


From Sept. 28 to Oct. 31, every P500 purchase of participating breakfast products enables Robinsons Supermarket shoppers to contribute P5.00 towards helping raise P300,000 worth of donations to World Vision kids and help them to also enjoy great breakfast meals. Spread even more breakfast love from Sept. 28 to Oct. 15, and Robinsons Rewards Card members get to purchase a limited edition food canister for only P20, with every P500 single receipt purchase of participating products. Proceeds will also benefit the World Vision kids.


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