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Robinsons Supermarket: Doing Good Is Part of Business

Robinsons Supermarket (RSC) continued, and even magnified efforts in giving back to the community.

The past 365 days has been tough on a lot of people, especially to the ones that had very little to begin with. However, in the midst of this rollercoaster ride we call 2020, Robinsons Supermarket (RSC) continued, and even magnified efforts in giving back to the community as evidence by the Php6.6 million donation to its sustainability partners. This was possible thanks to the supermarket’s trade partners and customers. Ultimately, its less about the amount but rather this conscious effort to always give back to the communities where the supermarket serves.

To address the urgent need in the healthcare field, RSC has greatly focused on supporting World Vision and their Covid-19 related initiatives. Specifically, the Php2.6 million donation has been focused on World Vision’s handwashing facilities program. Essentially, the program is focused on providing clean water access to ensure good hygiene and sanitation in public schools. These students are just a few of hundreds of millions of people in the Philippines that do not have regular access to clean water. Furthermore, Diarrhea is one of the major causes of deaths among children below five years old. Prolonged exposure to an unsanitary environment eventually leads to stunting and poor academic performance. Robinsons Supermarket is grateful to partner with World Vision that study and implement long-term solutions.

The funding has also been helpful in aiding the Community Development program of World Vision. This year, Robinsons Supermarket has supported 121 children mainly with regards to their education, healthcare, and nutrition which are the pillars of World Vision’s Community Development program.

This year, RSC has also launched a new partnership with the Ateneo Center for Educational Development (ACED) to support their program called 1,000 Day, 100 Moms. The program’s objective is to support the 100 moms from the poorest area of Commonwealth, Quezon city for 1,000 days by providing food items from Robinsons Supermarket and its partners. The first 1000 days  is deemed as the Golden Period of child development which makes it the most crucial timeframe for any child. RSC has been able to help 100 families in the process by providing aid with an estimated amount of Php233,561.

Through multiple campaigns (buy & give promotions), RSC has also generated an estimated Php1.5 million to support the Philippine Red Cross who has been extremely active due to the Covid-19 outbreak and several calamities this year. Another approximately Php800k worth of grocery items were donated to several organizations that benefitted mostly children and the elderly.

These are just some of the efforts extended by Robinsons Supermarket last year.  The new year brings renewed commitment of the supermarket to do good in all ways.