Unearth the Oriental Tale

A personal travelogue of the eastern experience

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Had a delicious Chinese staycation!

Willy Farms Sticky Jasmine Rice
Kiat Kiat
Hearttex 3 Ply Tissue
Magnolia Oriental Chicken Wings

Indulge in superb sushi.

Cold Storage Mixed Sushi
Taguchen Green Tea
Carnival Bamboo Chopsticks
Jinsei Japanese Rice
Kewpie Wasabi Dressing
Kewpie Non-oil Yuzu Dressing

Passed the time with Oriental Treats

Gyokoroen Green Tea Mix
Nissin Cup Noodle Seafood
Hana Crunch Punch Rice Crisp
Lotte Toppo Pretzel Stick Choco

Sat down at a full course Korean meal.

Bibigo Korean BBQ Sauce
Surasang Vermicelli Noodle

Gratified with famous Korean snacks!

Samanco Red Bean Ice Cream Sandwich
Paldo Pororo Tropical Fruit Drinks
Hana Roasted Seaweed Laver
Ottogi Cheese Ramen

Took a much needed pampered break

Himalaya Herbals Nourishing Skin Cream
Himalaya Herbals Clear Complexion Whitening Day Cream